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About Herman Trevino

Herman Trevino is founder and owner of HT Bookkeeping which provides bookkeeping services and bookkeeping automation solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Texas and Mexico.  His passion is developing and streamlining his clients’ accounting systems and databases so that they improve control, are easy to use, and boost the bottom line of the business. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Herman has exceptional communication skills and a growth mindset.

Herman has consulted with or worked for more than 50 companies in 12 different industries to help business owners better understand their financial position. He has trained over 300 accounting staff and implemented dozens of new systems.  A few of the projects Herman has recently worked on include:

  • Building a ticketing system for a transport company that needed to automate trucking fees and customer billing,
  • Implementing a CRM for a bond broker,
  • Developing a QuickBooks and QuickBase system for a wholesale produce supplier,
  • Creating traceability and financial software for an avocado grower,
  • Customizing a database program integrated with QuickBooks for a construction company to produce better insurance reports, and
  • Producing an insurance mining database to improve sales profitability.

Prior to starting his own business, Herman worked in various accounting roles where he implemented solutions that improved operational effectiveness, increased cash flow, reduced debt, improved gross margins, and enhanced efficiency.

Herman completed more than three years of accounting courses at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley. When he is not working, he loves to play tennis, drink Spanish wines, barbeque, and talk with fellow IT geeks.

“My vision is building a successful roadmap for my customers by implementing a complete accounting system with internal controls at an affordable rate using the latest technologies and learning tools in the market.”