Advisory Services

You might find yourself having a question or needing help that goes outside the simple filing of a tax return or the completion of a bank reconciliation. Beyond the compliance work of bookkeeping, tax filings, and audits, bookkeeping professionals can help businesses improve their profitability, pay fewer taxes, increase their cash flow, and become more efficient with technology. This work, which we call advisory work, is where you can get a real return on investment in your services with us.
Advisory services are designed to help you reach your business’s financial goals faster. Here are some of the ways we can help you.

Business Consulting

Business consulting services span many areas. We will discuss with you your business goals and current challenges and guide you toward solutions to achieve your goals and solve your issues. Here are some areas where we have experience providing solutions:

  • Cash flow improvement. This is the most common issue with businesses and there are many ways to tackle this issue. We start by reviewing your invoicing, payroll, purchasing, and payment processes and suggest ideas for speeding up cash collections and slowing payments. We can prepare cash flow forecasts and projections to evaluate your short-term needs. We can also review your liabilities and prepare a bank loan package or create a payment schedule to get you out of debt.
  • Financial review and performance analysis. On a regular basis, we can hold a review session with you to discuss your financial results and point out opportunities for increased profits or revenue. We can also provide graphical dashboard analysis including forecasting, goal-setting, KPI selection (key performance indicators, kind of like a report card for your business), what-if simulations, benchmarking and more.
  • Strategic planning and budgeting. Many businesses are flying blind without a roadmap to help them know where they are going. We can help you build a strategic plan for your business as well as a budget (we prefer to call them profit plans) so you can get clear on your business’s future.
  • Capital expenditure and project analysis. There is an unlimited amount of ways to spend money in your business and only a limited amount of cash available. We can help you anticipate and prioritize the right projects for your business to reach your goals and move it forward. Our deep knowledge of your industry helps us guide you in this area.
  • Fraud detection and internal control review. If you suspect that an employee may be stealing from you, we can perform fraud detection services to help you discover and document the theft. If you’re concerned that you may not have the controls in place to prevent fraud, we can help you identify and put into place stronger internal controls to reduce the risk of future fraud.
  • Business valuation. Are you thinking about selling your business? If so, you first need to find out what it’s worth. We can help you determine the value of your business with our business valuation services.
  • Specialty bookkeeping services. These services, which include items like job costing and inventory analysis, can help you find ways to improve your business profitability. We take a deep look at your operations, reviewing items such as profit margins, pricing, revenue growth, and costs to identify issues to fix and successes to repeat.

Technology Consulting

The right technology can greatly boost your bottom line. We’re tech-savvy bookkeepers that can help you streamline your bookkeeping workflow with the right choice of bookkeeping software and apps for your business. We can help with:

  • Bookkeeping system selection
  • Transition to the new system
  • System implementation
  • System customization
  • Bookkeeping software training
  • Integration of add-ons to enhance your core functionality

Talent Acquisition

Getting the right people on board your business is essential to success. We can help you select and evaluate your bookkeeping department staff. We can provide the technical evaluation of candidates’ and employees’ bookkeeping skills so that you know for sure you have the right people doing an accurate and timely job for you.

No matter what your tax, bookkeeping, business, or financial issue is, feel free to give us a call so we can get started helping you today with our bookkeeping advisory services for businesses and individuals.